We are Hokies who believe that complacency in response to violence is not an answer; we are on a mission to make an impact on the culture in which we live to Help Save The Next Girl. We were founded on February 1, 2012 as the first student branch of the national campaign, Help Save The Next Girl, started by the parents of Morgan Harrington; a VT student who was abducted and murdered in October 2009. Morgan's story, as a student of Virginia Tech, is now our story, and because her voice has been forcibly silenced, we speak out. We are determined to show that we, as part of the Hokie Nation, exemplify a beautiful, vibrant, safe community full of solutions. We are inspired.

We are united. We are motivated, and thus we are committed to do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to Help Save The Next Girl.

2023 - Virginia Tech Help Save The Next Girl